Our Team


As a family-owned business, we don’t just build residences—we build relationships. With decades of real estate development experience, our team at Dalian is committed to curating communities that are inspired by local art and architecture, elevated by top notch design, and strengthened by sustainable practices.

Development Team

  • Eric Mulata

    Vice President, Development

  • Kristen Hook

    Development Manager

  • Andrew Burt

    Construction Manager

  • Aidan Rowland

    Development Analyst

  • David Burt

    Senior Advisor, Construction

  • Oshie

    Chief Canine Comfort Officer

Executive Leadership

  • Hossein Fateh headshot

    Hossein Fateh

    Founder & CEO

  • Keith P. Harney headshot

    Keith P. Harney

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Karen Donahoe headshot

    Karen Donahoe

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Gavin Klein headshot

    Gavin Klein

    General Counsel

  • Darryl Hart headshot

    Darryl Hart

    Vice President, Finance

  • Michelle Melito headshot

    Michelle Melito

    Vice President, HR

  • Jamil White, CPA

    Vice President, Accounting