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Built to Endure

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Our Mission

Dalian builds for generations forward. Driven by an ongoing pursuit of excellence, Dalian is committed to leveraging its extensive experience, longstanding institutional partnerships, and deep bench of diverse real estate professionals to create multi-family residences that enrich lives and communities alike.

Combined years of Development Experience
Total Units Delivered and
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Total Portfolio
Across the US

We develop best-in-class residential properties with a lasting impact on the community.

Dalian has delivered over 1,000 units in Philadelphia and San Antonio and has active developments in Raleigh, NC, Richmond, VA and Pittsburgh, PA and is actively pursuing other markets.

Creating an Impact

Community Portfolio

Before our shovels strike the ground, we get to know our communities inside and out. We strive to understand – deeply – the needs of those who live, work, and visit our properties. In turn, we are able to create unique best in class environments with distinctive aesthetics that inspire and elevate. Our name is attached to every exceptional project as a long-standing commitment to the places we build.